Neil’s Sailing Legacy

30 01 2013

Once again the Bolton News has featured us online.

back breaking work

As the Trust gains more momentum, raising not only more funds, but attracting interest from a number of sailing centres across the Lake District, keen to work with us,we are really pleased to see ourselves in the news.

Neil’s Sailing Legacy for Youth Groups – read all about it here.

In addition to having a bit more exposure, this month has seen our Gift Aid money arrive back in the coffers….so please don’t forget when donating to us to tick the Gift Aid option….assuming you are eligible to do so!

The sailing season looms and we can’t wait to see people out on the water!!


The Bolton News announces our launch!

10 01 2013

This week The Bolton News announced our launch via its website, and also within the print version too!

Check out what they had to say about us by clicking on the link below.

Partner launches charity tribute to sailing fanatic Neil