Let them eat cake!

17 02 2014

A huge thank-you to all those staff at Steria in Manchester for their fundraising efforts for the Neil Murphy Sailing Trust.

A grand total of £689.18 was raised from a variety of activities, including a raffle and cake sale.

Now that’s a lot of cake!

Neil Murphy charity fundraising

We’re in the news – AGAIN!

4 10 2012

More coverage for this weekend’s Harpenden Rocks.

If you’ve not read about it yet, then look no further……


27 09 2012

Thanks to the Herts Advertiser…

Herts Advertiser Rocking for Charity

Trust triathletes triumph…..or did they????

24 09 2012

Great news from the London triathlon yesterday, Maddie and Martin both finished in stunning times! Ahem….

The results show Maddie as having taken 1 hour 23 mins while Martin is showing as taking a mere 23 minutes! Clearly there is some mistake or they wouldn’t have broken a sweat! Surely?

We’re saying nothing…

Looking like they’ve just been for a gentle stroll !

We’re most impressed, and, of course, bowled over by their willingness to raise funds for us.

The last word on pride, however, rests with Charlotte and Thomas…….

Aren’t Dads just the best?

London Triathletes line up!

23 09 2012

Maddie arrived in London for the triathlon, with a 12.30 start time.

Maddie King and Martin Brammer – good luck!

Hot on her heels will be Martin Brammer, another keen sailor from Glenridding Sailing Centre, who joins the men’s cohort setting off at 12.50pm.

Both are raising money for the Trust – if you’d like to pledge some money please email us at info@neilmurphysailingtrust.org.uk.