Mission Statement

The Neil Murphy Sailing Trust aims to make a difference to the lives of children and young adults by helping them gain access to sailing tuition. It believes that the transferable skills gained in sailing enable people to lead a full life.

The Trust believes that through sailing, essential life skills such as team working, decision making and social interaction are acquired by default.

Its courses are based in the Lake District.


The Board of Trustees comprises:

Maddie King
Trustee and Treasurer

Maddie works in the field of Sustainability and Climate Change. She was Neil’s partner for 18 years, his skiing shadow, his rock-climbing second and his long-suffering sailing crew! Maddie instigated the creation of the Neil Murphy Sailing Trust when unable to find a charity that felt like the perfect fit to which to donate the many generous donations received from Neil’s family and friends.

Sally Edmundson-Bird
Trustee and Chair

Sally met Neil and Maddie at Glenridding Sailing Centre where Sundays afloat became one of life’s greatest joys. She loves sailing with a passion but has no misgivings about her lack of ability, she’s in it for the laughs and the dunkings! Addicted to the Lake District where she also enjoys walking and canoeing, by day she freelances in marketing and event management, and has the online retail giftshop – newroomsonline.

Jamie Smith
Trustee and Secretary

Jamie works in IT, which he where he met Neil back in 2002 over a lunchtime pint. It was there he first discovered Neil’s uncanny knack for leaving his wallet at home! Neil was nothing if not generous with his time, though, and he introduced Jamie to skiing and climbing over the years. Latterly Jamie was a test pupil of Neil’s as he studied for his instructor exams in sailing and he saw first hand Neil’s love for the sport. He wants to help this live on through the Neil Murphy Sailing Trust.

Cathy Stainer

Cathy has been a friend of Maddie’s for 21 years. She even knew her before she knew Neil! Cathy became a trustee because she wanted to support Maddie, also because she firmly believes in giving youngsters opportunities to do things that will challenge them both mentally and physically.

Cathy is a qualified teacher (since 1990) and currently works at Roman Fields in Hemel Hempstead. It is a pioneering new “alternative provision” for teenagers who have been excluded from all their previous educational situations. They work on a one-to-one teaching basis and are unique in their approach. Cathy thinks that Maddie wanted her on board the NMST because she could offer some insight and experience into deciding who could benefit from the sailing opportunities offered.

Sinead Cuckow

Sinead first met Neil and Maddie whilst on holidays in Glenridding with her husband Peter. Peter is a keen sailor and both he and Neil would spend many hours over the next few years racing, comparing tactics and generally having a good ole time on the water. Sinead, on the other hand, is not a sailor but that never stopped Peter and Neil from trying to get me on the water. Sinead is a trustee because she wants to support Maddie and contribute to something she believes Neil would be immensely proud of.


Charitable Status

We are registered with HMRC as a charity – Ref. No. XT34504

We are not registered with the Charities Commission because it is not their policy to register small charities, ie. those with an income less than £5,000.00 per annum.

As the Trust is deemed a small charity, therefore, we can only register as such with HMRC.



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