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Q: Do you support individuals or just groups?
A: The Neil Murphy Sailing Trust is happy to consider applications from both individuals and organisations alike. As long as the application meets our necessary requirements we do not make a distinction.

Q: Do I need any prior sailing experience?
A: No. As the courses are based on entry level ability, successful applicants will be taught from scratch.

Q: What ages of children do you provide funding for?
A: Our objectives are to provide opportunities for youths up to the age of 21.

Q: What sort of sailing boats will the centres use?
A: The sailing centres that we use have a wide variety of sailing boats. These include single handers such as the Topper Topaz, two-person dinghies such as the Seafly, family dinghies such as the Laser Stratos, traditional boats and yachts.

Q: Do I need any sailing clothes or equipment?
A: You do not need any sailing specific clothes or equipment. Wetsuits and buoyancy aids will be provided by the sailing centres as required. It is however recommended that you bring: grippy shoes such as trainers, warm clothes (plenty of layers and a hat and gloves if the weather is bad), a change of clothes and waterproof jacket and trousers if you have them.

Q: Does the Trust provide transport to and from the sailing centre?
A: No.

Q: Does the Trust provide accommodation while attending the course?
A: No.

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